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Dr. Darlene Cook, Owner, The Bluffs Pet Clinic

"We hired Margie to promote our business when we took on a new service. She was instrumental in getting our clinic excellent press in three major newspapers. New clients have called to inquire about our new services because of the publicity she was able to bring to us. Her knowledge of working with media relations has impressed us from day one. I would readily recommend Margie to  anyone interested in promoting their business, whether a new product, service or a brand new business. She does a GREAT job!"  December 5, 2010
Rebecca Illingworth, Proprietor, Bin Wine Bar

“I have had the pleasure of working with Simon and Associates for nearly 20 years. Margie Simon is a senior level professional that is committed to excellence. She simply “gets it”. She realizes it is not about her ego, it’s about helping her clients attain strong brand awareness thereby creating sales. After all, that’s what it is ultimately all about.”  July 6, 2011
Teresa Thomas-Carroll, Owner, Connection Concierge

“I brought Margie in to capture the story of Connection Concierge for a major awards competition. She captured and helped me to communicate the compelling elements of why the work is important and necessary. Through her expertise in framing the information, her impact has spilled over beyond the competition by helping me to see the "story" of the business plan. I am gaining and learning so much by working with Margie.” June 30, 2010
Barb Beltrand, Regional Sales Manager, Hanley Wood 

“I have known Margie for over 15 years and I continue to be amazed by her creativity in business settings and the enthusiasm she shows for her job. She has remarkable strategic abilities while also being a quick thinker. Her writing skills are second-to-none. Margie and I have not 'worked together' for some time, but she quickly became and has remained a true friend. I would easily recommend that any company make use of her PR skills.” September 30, 2010

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