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About You  


Do you have happy customers with great success stories? Then it’s time to tell the world, build your brand and boost your sales with case studies—powerful testimonials about your products and services. Simon & Associates Public Relations can do that for you.

Do you have new products to introduce?

There’s nothing editors like more than “new.”

Announcing your new products generates prolific visibility.

But first is foremost. If you’ve got something new, don’t hesitate.

Let Simon & Associates Public Relations announce your new products to the world.

Writing, product publicity and case studies based on sound strategic plans are Margie’s award-winning specialties. Whether on the Internet, in the newspaper or on a trade magazine cover, it’s

brand-building, lead-generating visibility.

And it’s all about you.

Simon & Associates has represented companies ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to entrepreneurs. Whatever your size, Margie is ready to serve you.

Are you the industry’s best-kept secret? Why not become the industry’s household name? The brand everybody knows—and wants.

Simon & Associates Public Relations can help you do that.

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